Agriculture Mela (Krisi Mela)

On 29th January 2024, participants with disabilities visited Bhrikutimandap to observe Krishi Mela (agriculture fair). In the mela, various equipment and agricultural products were displayed at the agriculture fair. Participants had the opportunity to observe different advanced technologies and agricultural products that are essential for agriculture business. They felt fortunate to view and observe various procedures and methods related to agriculture, such as rooftop farming, which was displayed and demonstrated at the agricultural fair.

Similarly, they saw a monorail used in developed countries, including India, to load or transport agricultural goods in hilly, sloped, or remote regions where there is a lack of access to transportation. They saw different breeds of mushroom plants and their cultivation and production methods. They also observed various flowers and ways to engage in flower gardening. Moreover, they had the chance to observe different types of agricultural tools, including automatic tools used to produce crops on a large scale.

They also observed various varieties of organic pulse crops (daalan bali) and a rice-cutting machine. Additionally, they observed a drip irrigation system under the UV plastic tunnel. They had the opportunity to observe various varieties of synthetic and organic fertilizers and their uses in farming.

Furthermore, they learned about poultry items use in different poultry activities. They saw organic crops and products like organic honey and oil. They also observed nurseries and different plants and vegetation, including indoor plants. Additionally, they witnessed advanced technology such as a cold storage machine where food items are stored for long-term preservation. They also observed a spice grinder and a tractor that ploughs the farmland.

In general, the visit to Krishi Mela was productive as the participants from the 7th batch had a valuable opportunity to witness numerous essential agricultural items crucial for farming. Their understanding of agriculture was significantly enhanced through firsthand observation.

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