Distribution of Educational Materials Program​

One of our major programs is Enhancing Teaching Learning Achievement for BVI/MDVI through Capacity Building and Logistic support. We are focusing on improving educational methods by providing meaningful, appropriate and tactile learning /educational materials for students with visual impairment and multiple disabilities. Under our enhancing Teaching Learning Achievements for BVI/MDVI through Capacity Building and logistic support program, On June 2022 we have supported 9 different inclusive schools for the blind and 1 special school for the blind of Koshi Province with needed Teachers Training and have distributed basic Braille Materials and Tactile Teaching Learning Materials. On May 2023 we have organized the Tactile Teaching Learning Materials Distribution orientation and Unified English Braille workshop for Teachers in Karnali, Sudurpaschim & Koshi Provinces where 22 schools (9 schools from Karnali province, 7 schools from Sudurpaschim Province and 6 schools from Koshi Province) have participated. The Tactile Teaching Learning Materials Program has been led by Executive Committee Member/Resource Person (ELP) BVI/MDVI Ms. Kesari Thapa. Through this Program 302 students who are BVI/MDVI (Blind/Visually Impaired) / Students with Multiple Disabilities with Visual Impairment) have benefitted. Through this Program we have been providing Tactile Teaching Learning materials to the BVI students of different government Schools of Koshi Province, Karnali Province & Sudurpaschim Province.

The name list of Schools of Koshi Province

SNName of SchoolNo. of BVI StudentsAddressDistrict
1Gadi Secondary School16Pachthar, GadiPanchthar
2Shree Pokhari Basic School9GolbasthiIlam
3Durga High School7GaramuniJhapa
4Saraswoti Higher Secondary School15DamakJhapa
5Kabir Secondary School12BelbariMorang
6Purbanchal Gyan Chakshu School63DharanSunsari
7Marga Devi Basic Level School10DhankutaDhankuta
8Pancha High School6Digteel, KhotangKhotang
9Janajyoti High School8Chuhade, UdaypurUdayapur
10Basic Level School15Shiva BelahaUdayapur

The name list of Schools of Karnali Province

SNName of SchoolNo. of BVI StudentsAddressDistrict
1Shree Shikhar Secondary School18Bheriganga MunicipalitySurkhet
2Shree Krishna Sanskrit and General Sec. School9Birendranagar MunicipalitySurkhet
3Shree Bageshwari Sec. School8Simta VDCSurkhet
4Shree Nepal Rastriya Sec. School Kritikhumba7Dullu MunicipalityDailekh
5Shree Laxmi Sec. School7Bheri MunicipalityJajarkot
6Shree Bhairav Sec. School7Sinja VDCJumla
7Shree Nepal Rastriya Basic School6Chhayanath Rara MunicipalityMugu
8Shree Balmandir Sec. School8Simikot VDCHumla
9Shiva Jan Sec. School7Sharada MunicipalitySalyan

The name list of Schools of Sudurpaschim Province

SNName of SchoolNo. of BVI StudentsAddressDistrict
1Shree Panchodaya Sec. School9Hasanpur Sub MetropolitanKailali
2Shree karnali Sec. School Satti kailali7Tikapur MunicipalityKailali
3Shree Raghunath Aadarsha Technical Sec. School9Joshipur VDCKailali
4Shree Bhuwaneshori Sec. School9Bedkot MunicipalityKanchanpur
5Shree Sanjendraswor Sec. School12Purvichauki VDCDoti
6Shree Banthapali Sec. School9Pathivera VDCBajhang
7Shree Shodasadevi Sec. School9Kamalbazar MunicipalityAchham