The Ability Development Society of Nepal (ADSoN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established on Jestha 12, 2071 (May 26th, 2014). ADSoN was formally registered in the District Administrative office, Kathmandu, Nepal and was affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC), Nepal on Ashad 12, 2071 (June 26th, 2014).

Located in Kathmandu District, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No: 4, Sukedhara, the organization is well equipped with physical and non-physical resources.

Nepal is a small country where a variety of people live with different cultures, traditions, norms and values. Due to the substandard social and economic conditions, the general population is doing poorly in the areas of education, health, transportation among others. The life of people with disabilities has been more complicated and challenging due to the lack of disable-friendly infrastructure. The community of people with disabilities continues to be marginalized due to the lack of awareness and negative attitudes. They have to face great difficulties to live with dignity in the community.

ADSoN works for the benefit of all types of children, adults and elderly people with disabilities as well as marginalized groups. ADSoN plays an important role in advocating and lobbing on the issues of education rights, health, awareness of all types of disabilities, employment, rehabilitation and societal security. ADSoN seeks to create and lead a nationwide network of self-help groups to achieve its mission. ADSoN promotes programs to enhance the ability for creating opportunities for people with all types of disabilities throughout the country.



The primary mission of the Ability Development Society of Nepal (ADSoN) is to develop, rehabilitate, and enhance the overall well being of children and persons with disabilities.



  • To provide counseling and assistance to children and adults with disabilities living in the Nepalese society for the development of their capabilities including proper access to education and medical support to maintain their quality of life.
  • To provide necessary assistive devices to persons with disabilities for maintaining their livelihood.
  • To create public awareness regarding disability; identifying the causes of disability, preventing disability and helping to minimize and resolve it.
  • To establish a relationship with national or international associations and institutions working for the prevention and treatment of disability, as per the need.
  • To arrange for education services, educational materials, health services and nutritious foods for orphaned or helpless children and socio-economically disadvantaged children.
  • To protect, promote and advocate for the interest of the persons with disabilities and socio-economically disadvantaged children.
  • To help change the negative stigma prevalent in the society regarding disabilities.
  • To help promote international or regional conventions regarding disabilities and to promote implementation of the decisions made by such institutions.
  • To carry out other necessary work to support the implementation of ADSoN’s objectives.