Quality Enhancement Program

Under the Quality Enhancement Program, TRIFC & ADSoN have selected 14 Organization of Person with Disabilities (OPDs) or schools working for Blind/visually impaired, Physical Disability, Psychosocial Disability & hard of hearing students. The main objective of this program is to empower the Person with Disabilities and to assist for the mobility in their daily living activities as well as to live quality life. Through this program 874 beneficiaries have benefited among them 102 are BVI, 175 are Physical, Learning Development & intellectual Disability, 207 are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, and 390 are Psychosocial Disability.

SN Name of Organization Benefitted PWDs District
1. Kavre Deaf Development Association (KDDA) 15 Kavre
2. Hospital & Rehabilitation for Disabled Children (HRDC) 10 Kavre
3. Kavre Deaf School 86 Kavre
4. KOSHISH 390 Kathmandu
5. Special Education & Rehabilitation Center (SERC) 65 Lalitpur
6. Sathi Sansar Nepal 100 Kaski
7. Shree Margeshwori Basic School 30 Dhankuta
8. Ramsita School, Deaf section 15 Morang
9. Purwanchal Deaf school 62 Dharan
10. Laboratory Higher Secondary Boarding School 50 Kathmandu
11. Shree Janajyoti Secondary School, Rimuwa 12 Gulmi
12. Sanjiwani Model Higher Secondary School 15 Kavre
13. Shree Saraswati Secondary School 13 Jhapa
14. Rehabilitation Education Accessibility Livelihood (REAL) Nepal 7 Kavre
  Total Number of Beneficiaries from this Program 870  

Kavre Deaf Development Association (KDDA) has organized the 3 Month’s Tailoring Training for 15 Deaf / Hard of Hearing Women. The objective of the TRIFC ADSoN support was to create opportunity for these women who are Deaf / Hard of Hearing to be independent, develop further skills of these women, generate income through tailoring and unite them so that they could have their own community. From the TRIFC ADSoN Grant project 15 women with Deafness have got the opportunity to get the basic tailoring training. Ms. Bimala Sapkota Dahal – Deputy Mayor of Banepa Municipality visited the training centre and she is positive to support further for these trained women with Deafness and thanked to the TRIFC ADSoN Team for the generous support in vocational Training. The training has been successfully completed and all the trainees got the certificate on 23rd September 2023.

Monitoring & Evaluation Visit at Kavre Deaf Development Association by ADSoN Team
Hospital & Rehabilitation for the Disable Children (HRDC). The surgeries and Physiotherapy have supported for improving mobility of 10 children with Physical Disability. These children and their parents are very happy and thankful to TRIFC ADSoN.
M & E visit at HRDC by ADSoN Team
We have handed over the Laptop, Printer & educational Materials to the Kavre Deaf School through TRIFC ADSoN grant 2022 under the quality enhancement program. Under this grant all 85 students will also be provided School Tracksuit and some furniture for the School Library too. We are really happy and grateful to support school from many years.
Stationaries, Laptop and Printer handover Program at Kavre Deaf School by ADSoN Team
We have supported to KOSHISH to provide WASH System for young girls and women with mental conditions where 390 Person with Psychosocial Disabilities will be benefitting yearly.
Program Monitoring & Evaluation at KOSHISH Nepal by ADSoN Team
From the ADSoN TRIFC Grant 2022, SERC able to improve the facilities in both academic and Agricultural sector where 86 children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism have benefitted. Treadmill, 2 metal rack with cabinets, large meeting table and chairs, dining table, school dress for 35 needy students, sanitation materials, Tractor (tiller), chicks and ducks were procured by SERC from our support.
SERC Procured the goods through TRIFC ADSoN Grant 2022

ADSoN have supported various materials and equipment to strengthen the capacity of 100 children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities (LDDs) with a special focus on Cerebral Palsy (CP) at Sathi Sansar Nepal in Pokhara. With our support Sathi Sansar Nepal was able to procured some educational toys, 1 set of Van carrier, 2 sets of Laptop and Computer, 2 sets of Trunk Support Walker, 6 sets of Commode Chair, 29 Sets of Special Chair and 30 sets of Copy, Pen & Gel Pen. The special chairs help children with LDDs & CP to maintain correct position and makes easier for children to look around, trunk support walker is useful to assist to maintain trunk control and practice standing/walking which helps to learn independent walking, the walkers are used for those who have difficulties to maintain proper position. It also helps to support the trunk, maintain midline of the trunk, head control, eyes/hands coordination as well as maintain proper feeding position in daily basis. All the children of Sathi Sansar are very excited for using more technology in their learning through computer. For those children who face challenges to move hands and use fingers, computer have motivated them to move their hands and fingers. The Van Carrier is useful to keep Wheelchairs and other assistive devices of children with LDDs and CP during travel. Our project has supported to meet the basic necessity of the children by supporting in their care, mobility as well as in their daily living activities. The Team of Sathi Sansar and Parents of the Children are very grateful and thankful to ADSoN TRIFC for strengthening the capacity of Children of Sathi Sansar.

Children with Cerebral Palsy got an experience of typing and walking in the walker at Saathi Sansar Nepal

We have supported to procured various necessary materials to improve the facilities of resource class in Mageshori School of Dankuta where 30 Deaf / Hard of Hearing students are studying. The material includes school uniforms, educational & sports materials, Kitchen utensils (pressure cooker, rice cooker, filter & kettle), hostel necessary materials (Bed bedding, quilt, quilt cover, bed sheet, pillow, pillow cover, dining table set, etc.), Solar for hot water and Television set. We have also supported to paint the resource classroom, hostel as well as Kitchen & Store room. We have also funded for Educational Tour for these students. The students, resource Teachers and the school management committee is thankful to ADSoN TRIFC for supporting their school to improve the quality life of 30 Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.

Painted School building, Educational Materials and dining tables supported by TRIFC ADSoN Grant 2022 at Shree Mageshori Basic School, Dhankuta for the Deparment of Deaf students.

On our visit to Ramsita School of Sunsari we found that the hostel compound was open. There was huge risk, any outsider could enter to the hostel premises where 15 Deaf / Hard of Hearing students were residing. Ramita School had requested us to support them to build compound wall as first priority. They also have requested to install the nets in doors and windows to protect the students from Mosquitos and other insects as well as they requested for some educational materials to support 15 Deaf/Hard of Hearing students. With the financial support of TRIFC ADSoN a compound wall has been build and nets have been kept in the doors and windows. Now the students feel very safe and secure to stay in the hostel. Having safe premises have lessen worries of parents and us well-wishers. Similarly, we have provided some stationaries and sports materials which have boosted in their studies. All the students and the school committee are very grateful and thankful with TRIFC ADSoN for creating the safety environment as well as for other support.

Construction of Hostel Compound Wall, fit the net in door and windows at Shree Ramsita Secondary School, Sunsari for the Department of Deaf students.

ADSoN have supported Purwanchal Deaf School to build hostel Terrace Roof, 3 big Shoes Racks, 5 double Beds and entrance door. We have also supported to install 2 CC Camera sets for the hostel for the safety of the students. Yearly 62 Deaf/Hard of Hearing students will have safe environment in the hostel from our support. The students and the School Committee is grateful and thankful to ADSoN & TRIFC for improving the facilities of the hostel.

Construction of Hostel's Terrace Roof, Schoes Rack at Purwanchal Deaf School, Dharan, Sunsari
We have Supported to Laboratory Higher Secondary School to procured Embosser Machine and Scanner. After the implementation of the TRIFC ADSoN Grant around 50 BVI students are getting the Braille Books and Teaching learning Materials on time printed in their own school. For the handover of procured machine TRIFC ADSoN were invited. This support will impact many BVI students for several years and maintenance/ preservation should be done by school for maximum use.
Embosser and Scanner Handover Program at Lab School by TRIFC & ADSoN Team

We have supported to build 2 hostel rooms for Blind and Visually impaired students (BVI) of Janajyoti Secondary School in Rimuwa, Gulmi. From our support yearly 12 BVI students will be getting the education staying in the Hostel. The BVI students and the school management committee is thankful to the ADSoN & TRIFC for supporting to build the hostel rooms so that BVI students from far places are able to get the light of education.

Construction of two rooms for hostel for BVI students at Janjyoti Secondary School, Rimuwa, Gulmi

We have plan to support Sanjiwani Higher Secondary School at Dhulikhel through the Rotract Club of Dhulikhel. The Project has not started yet due to technical issues of the club. After solving the issues, the program will start soon. The team is in regular contact with ADSoN.

We have supported for the installation of 3 desktop computers in Saraswati Secondary School, Damak in coordination with Rotaract Club of Birtamod Midtown and Rotaract Club of Damak. We have been supporting tuition fees and other educational materials for 13 BVI students of Saraswati Secondary School. With this computer support these BVI students are getting the opportunity to learned the needed computer skills as their sighted friends. We hope they will be able to learn all the needed computer skills to compete for the employment opportunities. The BVI students are very excited to learn the computer and are thankful to the supporting organizations. The school committee as well as the representative of both Rotaract Clubs are grateful and happy with ADSoN and TRIFC. Both Rotaractors and school committee have shared with us with this support Saraswati Secondary School will have long term impact for the BVI Students where yearly 13 Blind and Visual Impaired students will be able to learn the basic computer skills.

Computer Handover to Saraswoti School of Damak, Jhapa

Ability Development Society of Nepal (ADSoN) have supported to fulfil the basic needs like nutritious food, clothing and educational materials to 7 Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) Children in REAL Nepal of Banepa, Kavre. From our support 7 BVI Children were able to learn the braille, mobility skills, basic computer skills and other daily living activities. These children have also learnt to play the various musical instrument and are able to sing even in big crowd confidently. This program was facilitated by Rotary Club of Banepa – Kavre. ADSoN & TRIFC would like thank Rotary Club Team for helping us to implement this program.

Blind and Visually Impaired Students of REAL Nepal