Special class on Agriculture

On January 20, 2024, Ms. Durpata Rai, an Agriculture Technician from the Metropolitancity’s agriculture department, conducted a special class on agriculture as the guest lecturer in the agriculture training center. During the session, she discussed methods for identifying diseases in vegetable plants. She provided practical demonstrations of plants affected by harmful insects, explaining the damage they cause to vegetable growth, hindering their development and nourishment. She also highlighted preventive measures to shield plants from harmful insects, pests, and diseases.

Furthermore, lecturer emphasized the significance of yellow traps (yellow paper) in disease prevention, as they attract and trap lethal insects. She also provided information on controlling diseases and insects through the application of local or domestic methods, utilizing materials readily available in the local area. Additionally, she shared insights into the advantages of using organic manure compared to synthetic fertilizer. She also covered various types of crops, discussing their importance and the types of insects that pose a threat to plants.

The participants got opportunity to gain additional knowledge into vegetable farming in an impactful manner, acquiring knowledge to prevent vegetable plants from harmful insects.

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