Icimod Educational Trip Visit – Living Mountain Lab and Botanical Garden

Icimod Educational Trip Visit - Living Mountain Lab and Botanical Garden

On the 6th of March 2024, the 7th batch of Participants with Disabilities visited ICIMOD – Living Mountain Lab and Botanical Garden in Godawori, Lalitpur to observe different agricultural technologies and modern methods of agriculture. During this trip, they had the opportunity to view a diverse range of agricultural activities and techniques that are essential for smart and advanced agriculture.

During the observation program, they observed a hotel of insects where insects reside in a wooden trunk, making holes inside, which serves as their habitat. Similarly, they learned about the process of making beehives from wood and clay. They were impressed by the beehives constructed at ICIMOD.

They were further surprised to observe the aqua polis technique of growing vegetable plants, a unique method adopted by modern farmers to grow vegetables directly in water without using soil. They also felt delighted to observe the rooftop rainwater harvesting method for agriculture. Rainwater is collected and stored in large reserve tanks for use during the dry season.

Additionally, they observed the process of protecting plants and leaves from harmful insects by using color on the lower leaves. They also learned that even dew drops that fall in the morning can be stored and used as water. They observed that even in small spaces, one can grow vegetables and farm by building steps or layers. They also observed organic cooking stoves that are pollution-free, as well as different types of cooking stoves made of clay.

They also observed a 2000-watt hydropower system and were amazed to see the community-based flood early warning system. Furthermore, they observed the process of growing mushrooms using wood and learned about low-cost water storage ponds. They also observed different species of flowers.

This trip is the part of their 3 months modern organic and poultry farming training.

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